Investments and Insurance Claims

You worked hard for what you have. You are entitled to have your insurer pay you when a covered loss occurs.

While investments carry risk, those risks don’t include the mishandling of your funds, failure to pay as promised, or outright fraud.

You want an attorney that can quickly analyze the situation, and pursue your claim to recover your losses, while at the same time helping you to prevent “throwing good money after bad.” Here is a list of some of the ways we help our clients pursue claims arising from their investments, including the ownership of their home:

  • Complaints against investment advisors for improper advice or mishandling of accounts
  • Complaints by and against landlords, for matters other than unlawful detainer
  • Claims against insurance companies for benefits under policies
  • Complaints for securities fraud, or other improper conduct in the sale of investments

We look forward to helping you effectively handle your claim involving the mishandling of your investments, or the improper denial of your insurance claim. Please call us at (415) 800-3937 or send us an email at to learn how we can make a difference.