Our practice is divided between the representation of the beneficiaries and those who handle the estate, such as trustees or administrators. In all cases, the goal is to ensure that the estate is properly managed and that our clients receive what they are supposed to receive. The following describes out services in this very sensitive area of the law.


Trusts are a marvelous way to transfer assets among generations, often outside of public view. They can also also cause disputes that combine the worst of financial and family fights in a single matter. Their administration can be complex and emotional, whether you are the beneficiary or the trustee.


Probate is a court procedure used to handle the affairs of someone that has passed away. The probate court appoints someone to manage the estate, determines if the will is valid, makes sure that creditors are are paid and assets are properly managed, and that the heirs are treated fairly.

Financial Elder Abuse

California leads the way in protecting the elderly and the handicapped against financial abuse. This abuse can come in many forms, from the sale of goods and services clearly inappropriate for the person or at an extremely expensive price, to the theft of property that have abused the trust and confidence of the elder or handicapped person.