Many small and medium-sized businesses trust their courtroom and arbitration matters to our firm. The pages below all describe in more detail the major focus of our practice in the commercial realm.

Ownership Issues

Disputes between the owners of a business are nothing short of commercial divorce. Emotions run high. The dispute can negatively impact both clients and profits, to the point of destroying the business.

Contracts and Collections

A contract is more than a piece of paper or words exchanged before a handshake. It sets down the parties’ rights and responsibilities, and allocates the risk between them.

Labor Matters

Unfortunately, counseling is sometimes not enough. The fact that many labor statutes compel the employer pay a winning employee’s attorneys fees only adds to the challenge.

Intellectual Property

A company’s intellectual property is often its most valuable asset. The trade name and slogan, the copyrighted text all have inestimable value, and deserve protection to preserve its value and prevent theft. 

Other Disputes

Some disputes don’t fit into a category. We handle a variety of these for our clients as well. Some of these areas are unfair business practices and unlawful interference with contract.