Probate is a court procedure used to handle the affairs of someone that has passed away.
The probate court appoints someone to manage the estate, determines if the will is valid, makes sure that creditors are paid and assets are properly managed, and that the heirs are treated fairly. It is a stressful time, if only because the process is unfamiliar. It becomes worse if there are questions as to the validity of the will, or there are questions about the behavior of the heirs or the person handling the estate. You need someone who understands the issues, can help you navigate the court process, makes sure the estate is properly handled, and ensures you are treated fairly. We help both the heirs and the executors of estates with a variety of issues in probate, including;
  • Challenges to a will, or the interpretation of the will
  • Ensuring all estate assets are collected, managed, and distributed
  • Processing the necessary papers through the courts
  • Preparing or challenging inventories and accountings
  • Ensuring proper management and distributions of estate assets
  • Managing claims against third parties, whether the estate is the plaintiff or the defendant
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