Trusts are a marvelous way to transfer assets among generations, often outside of public view.

Trusts can also cause disputes that combine the worst of financial and family fights in a single matter. Their administration can be complex and emotional, whether you are the beneficiary or the trustee. They require a large amount of trust between the trustee and beneficiaries, and an equal degree of care to make sure they are properly carried out. Beneficiaries have a right to transparency, to ensure that assets are properly managed, debts are properly paid, and they receive their fair share of the estate. Trustees are entitled to a large degree of discretion in the estate’s administration, and to fair compensation for their services. If mishandled, a trust can cause huge distrust within family members, which can be extremely difficult to overcome.

You need experienced counsel that can help you calmly work through the issues, and ensure that you are treated fairly in the handling of the estate. Our firm represents both beneficiaries and trustees in trust matters. It can also help with the following issues, among others:

  • Addressing challenges to the validity of the trust documents, such as claims of forgery or undue influence by others over the person making the trust
  • Resolving ambiguities in the language of the trust
  • Ensuring that trust assets are properly gathered, managed, and accounted for
  • Transferring assets into a trust, even after the creator of the trust has passed away
  • Ensuring beneficiaries receive a copy of the trust, and proper information about the trust’s administration
  • Handling third-party claims against the trust, or claims by the trust against others
  • Pursuing or defending against claims of improper trust administration, or other claims for trustee misconduct
  • Ensuring that trustee compensation is fair but not excessive
  • Claims against a trustee for surcharges or removal

We look forward to helping you effectively handle your trust administration matter, so that the estate is efficiently handled. Please call us at (415) 800-3937 or send us an email at to learn how we can make a difference.