Improper Legal Representation

The public deserves quality legal representation, delivered by qualified professionals.

Unfortunately, there are too many people who are without question providing legal services that are neither trained nor licensed to do so, and as such do a disservice to their clients and to the citizenry as a whole. These include companies that improperly try to sell trust and estate planning services, or list themselves as “independent paralegals” who are in reality practicing law without a license. There are others who are licensed, but simply pocket a retainer and do virtually nothing for their clients, harming their clients in the process. Worse are those who have lost their license or no longer keep their license active, yet continue to try to practice and become a hazard to their community. People who have been injured this way deserve protection.

We can help. Our office provides assistance in the following ways:

  • Cease-and-desist letters against individuals and entities who are engaged in the unauthorized practice of law
  • Pursuit of claims for damages or injunctive relief against those who are unauthorized to practice law, or commit other forms of malpractice

We look forward to helping you determine if you have been hurt by someone not authorized to practice law, or having committed legal malpractice. Please call us at (415) 800-3937 or send us an email at to learn how we can make a difference.