Contracts and Collections

A contract is more than a piece of paper or words exchanged before a handshake.

Dispute Resolution

A contract sets down the parties’ rights and responsibilities, and allocates the risk between them. It is what the court will examine closely when deciding whether someone should be paid damages. Life also gets tricky when the parties give two different meanings to the same words, when the parties modify the contract by their actions after the contract is signed, or when the contract simply isn’t clear. We provide guidance and assistance in a range of contract disputes that can occur, such as:

  • Collecting amounts owed for goods delivered or services rendered
  • Defending the quality of goods or services provided as meeting the contractual standard
  • When appropriate, freezing assets owed that can be used to collect a later judgment
  • Litigating disputes over contract interpretation, modification, or course of conduct
  • When appropriate, seeking an order of specific performance that directs the contract to be performed
  • Determining whether third parties should be liable on the contract, such as alter egos
  • Enforcing claims for attorney’s fees found in the contract


Our clients seek advice on a number of questions involving contract provisions and drafting questions, such as the following:

  • Arbitration provisions for the resolution of disputes
  • Provisions regarding liquidated damages, or damages limitations
  • Confidentiality provisions
  • Guarantees
  • Choice-of-forum provisions in case litigation is necessary
  • General organization and clarity of their routine contract documents

Let’s Get Started

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