Labor Matters

Unfortunately, counseling is sometimes not enough.

Dispute Resolution

The fact that many labor statutes compel the employer pay a winning employee’s attorneys fees only adds to the challenge. You need someone who can manage a claim effectively and efficiently, and who can thoroughly explain your options. We provide guidance in a number of areas of labor claims:
  • Wage disputes, including claims for unpaid overtime
  • Discrimination claims, including claims for retaliation
  • Claims for unpaid employment taxes or other compensation
  • Claims for wrongful use of trade secrets or confidential information by former employees or executives


Your employees are critical to your success, but complying with ever-changing employment laws is a challenge. You need counsel that can address the range of legal issues that arise when you hire someone, and to keep you advised of changes in the law. Some areas where we help:
  • Employees versus independent contractors
  • Exemption from minimum-wage and overtime laws
  • Compliance with wage laws
  • Rest and meal breaks, sleep time and sick time, and expense reimbursement issues
  • Accommodation for disabilities and other concerns
  • Improper use of trade secrets or company equipment
  • Arbitration provisions and class-action waivers
  • Discrimination issues

Let’s Get Started

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