Results.  Value.  Relationships.

If we were to summarize the keys to our success in three words, we would choose the following: results, value, and relationships.


Obviously, favorable results are a primary goal for every lawyer and every client.  Defining the idea of a “favorable result” in any particular case, however, is not always easy.  A plaintiff may receive a verdict of $50,000, for example, but if the plaintiff had sought $1 million and the defendant had previously offered to settle for $150,000, the result is clearly a victory for the defense.  Many other situations exist where clients have goals that cannot be reduced to monetary terms.

We work with our clients throughout every case to define realistic objectives, and to implement a strategy to reach those objectives.  It may be to obtain a certain amount of money either in settlement or at trial, or to pay no more than that amount.  It may be to stop a competitor’s infringement on a trademark or other intellectual property right.  It may be to protect a differently-abled child when planning an estate, or to enforce rights in a trust after a parent has passed away.  It may be to prevent disputes between partners or shareholders if the business does not go as planned.  It may be to enforce a judgment or rights under an insurance policy.  Each client, and each case, is different.  Our work in defining attainable goals and focused strategies lets our clients make informed decisions about their legal affairs, and helps them better understand the situation as the case or project develops.


Goals and strategies, of course, must be realistic and achieved in a cost-effective manner.  We work hard to advise our clients of the costs and risks of various strategies, as well as the potential rewards.  This advice allows our clients to make informed decisions and avoid unpleasant surprises.

We are conscious of the need to provide value for services provided.  As a result, we do our best to estimate the length of time needed for each project, and the legal fees that they may require.  When possible, we will quote a flat fee for a project.  Because our offices are virtual, we can manage our costs and pass the savings on to our clients.  Work is often divided between clients and attorneys, so that we remain focused on matters that truly need a lawyer’s attention.  Our rates also can vary, depending on the level of expertise required for a project.


We view every action we take as the next step in building a long-term relationship of trust with our clients.  We work hard to understand our client’s particular situation, and to adapt to those particular circumstances.  We believe it is important not only to solve the problems at hand, but to prevent problems from occurring.  Because our relations are built on honesty and trust, we believe in frank discussions of costs and benefits of any legal strategy, and in honest assessments of risks and rewards.  In all instances, our goal is to become a trusted and long-term legal advisor.

We look forward to sharing our brand of legal representation with you.  Please do not hesitate to contact us at (415) 800-3937 or at if you believe we can be of assistance.

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