Who are our clients?

Our clients are individuals and companies with business or financial matters that involve California or federal law.

They Are Businesses.

The core of our practice is representation in financial and commercial matters. We help people structure their businesses by counseling them on their initial organization, drafting and reviewing initial agreements, and protecting their trademarks and other intellectual property.  While they are in business, we represent our clients in a wide range of areas, including the litigation and arbitration of contract disputes, business torts, intellectual property infringement claims, and labor matters.  When a business venture comes to an end, we help our clients wind down the business, and address any disputes between the partners or shareholders.

They Are Individuals.

We also help our individual clients with a wide range of legal financial matters. Much of this work involves estate planning, probate, and enforcement of rights under trust agreements.  Other matters may arise, however, including real property disputes, insurance disputes, and other financial and tax matters.

A growing piece of our practice involves “limited scope representation.”  We understand that many people cannot afford an attorney, and have decided to litigate matters in pro per to save money.  At times, however, these people find the legal system overwhelming, or find a task simply beyond their capabilities.  We can help individuals who are otherwise representing themselves by opposing a particular motion or drafting discovery, and will often do so at a rate that is lower than we would charge for full representation.

They Are Other Lawyers.

We are particularly proud of our ability to help other solo practitioners and small firms with their short-term litigation needs. At times, a lawyer simply has too much paper to draft, too many depositions to attend, too many telephone calls to return, and too many deadlines to meet. They need someone with experience who can quickly absorb the facts of a case, review the necessary documents, understands what needs to be done, timely completes the project, and does not take up their time with endless questions.  They also need a fresh pair of eyes to look at a case, and to spot undiscovered avenues of attack or anticipate areas where their opponents might think they are vulnerable.  When the case is done, they need their payroll to return to normal — at least until the next time they find themselves in the same situation.

We help our colleagues by taking care of that overflow paper so that they can focus on the meetings, depositions, settlement discussions, and court appearances they cannot delegate.  We have many years of litigation experience, for both plaintiffs and defendants, in a variety of fields. We also understand that most cases are decided on the paper, and we know what it takes to convince a judge that a particular position is just. We also understand court rules, deadlines, and litigation strategies, and we understand the need to be accessible. Because we remain in the background, our “lawyer clients” obtain the added element of surprise: their opponents often have no idea how they can produce so much quality paper in such a short time, with everything else they have to do.  Since we do the work ourselves, there is no intermediary between lead counsel and contract attorney, meaning everyone saves time and money.

We invite you to contact us at your convenience to discuss how we can be of assistance.  We can be reached at (415) 800-3937, or by E-mail at rick@crperrylaw.com, and look forward to hearing from you.

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